What’s your area of expertise?

My area of expertise is typically focused in the Creative and Tech / Development recruitment space. This covers a number of different areas but mainly Print and Digital Design, UI, UX, Service and Human Centred Design along with Front End and Full Stack Development.

What types of roles do you recruit for?

I recruit freelance/contract and permanent positions for our corporate clients.  Roles can range in length from one day to one year (or longer). Typically I may recruit Digital / UI Designers, UX Designers, Service Designers, Human Centred Designers, Integrated Designers, Print focused Designers, Front End Developers, Full Stack Developers and Email Developers.

Why do you love what you do?

I studied Visual Communication & Marketing at University so I’ve always been passionate about the Creative space. I’ve been in recruitment for a long time now (12 years +) and have recruited across a number of different specialisations — some of which I really enjoyed, some not so much!

On a daily basis, I engage with both clients and talent that genuinely love what they do and feel real enthusiasm about their work. That enthusiasm along with getting to learn about the many exciting projects that they work on makes every day interesting.

Even after all these years, I still get a buzz from placing talent into their dream role and helping clients find the perfect fit for their team.

What industry experience/expertise are you looking for in talent?

My client portfolio makes up a wide range of industries, from Retail to Government, Education to Financial Services. Broadly speaking, Talent that have experience working across a number of industries will often be relevant to multiple opportunities in the contracting space.

Working within the Creative space, I’ll generally look for talent with a strong UX/UI background, coding experience or a strong focus across integrated design projects.

What are your top tips for digital marketing talent looking for new job opportunities?

  1. Make sure your CV and folio are up to date. I’ve worked with some really great Designers over the years who’ve produced exceptional work for my clients. However their folios were outdated and it was always difficult to secure new opportunities for them. Clients often take the view, if it’s not in a CV or folio, it hasn’t been produced.
  2. Use your network — LinkedInspecialist recruiters, meetups, industry courses. There are a whole host of different resources that talent can use to learn about new opportunities and also who they need to be speaking to.
  3. Be prepared for interviews. Those that speak confidently, knowledgeably and passionately about projects that they have worked on will be well received. If you aren’t confident talking about a project in which you’ve invested many hours, a client will be reluctant to invest in you.

Describe an ideal client relationship

One of trust. The strongest client relationships that I have are those that are built on mutual respect and trust. If I have the confidence that a talent can do a role, I will tell a client that at the very least they must speak to them/meet them. Clients want us as recruiters to take away the pain of the recruitment process, and the confidence that we can provide them with that they have secured the right person for the role is invaluable.

What are your top 3 tips for creative hiring managers?

  1. Don’t judge a candidate purely on their CV/Folio. Often a talent may not have kept their folio or CV as up-to-date as they should have. Whilst their experience may not necessarily be demonstrated by the CV/Folio, it doesn’t necessarily mean they haven’t got it. Ask the right questions to determine skill-set / background.
  2. Sell your organisation, the projects that talent will get to work on and the skills they will learn/improve working with you. Candidates in the creative space want variety, interesting projects and brands they can be proud to work with.
  3. Move quickly! In the contract market especially, talent have a number of different options available to them. If a hiring manager hesitates when making decisions, a candidate may no longer be available when only a few hours earlier they were free.

How do people get in touch with you?

LinkedIn, Email ( or Telephone: +61 2 8288 8288