Reputation, value and trust

We have built reputation, value and trust in our brands as thought leaders in the digital marketing and creative industries with our talent and clients through the value we provide beyond recruitment.

Access to talent

We believe that the future success of the recruitment industry hinges around strategies to provide access to Talent that our clients cannot access themselves. As such, we have strategically developed a content marketing strategy that is designed to build equity in our brands through the eyes of passive talent — building trust, credibility and engagement with a much broader talent pool.

We attract over 4,890,000 visits to our websites annually. This is where our helpful and educational digital creative and marketing content on our blogs exist in order to attract the right talent to our brands. Whilst there, they’ll also explore job opportunities.

We also have over 380,000 followers on our social platforms for all three brands (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn company pages/groups, and Instagram). This gives us the unique advantage of being able to access a much broader talent pool who are not necessarily active job seekers, but may be the best person for the job.

Clients come to us for insights, not just résumés

Adding more value

And for our customers, we add value by producing specialist reports and online tools and hosting events to help educate and assist with their industry knowledge and hiring decisions.

These include:

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