Developingyour career

Developing Your Career2019-01-19T05:21:55+10:00

Our focus on your career development

We believe that the growth of our business is fuelled by the growth of our people. As such, we have retired performance reviews and have replaced them with regular ‘career conversations’. Every six months, we have strategic discussions with you about your career goals and career development.

Learning fund

Every employee has access to our unique ‘Life-long Learning Fund’ of $8000 per year after three months of employment which can go towards your attendance at industry events, workshops or specialist training. This ensures continual growth — both personal and professional.

We’ve got training for every step in your career

RCSA learning and development2021-05-05T16:11:48+10:00

Recruiters have access to RCSA workshops, webinars and e-learning modules by using their Employee Learning Fund (ELF).

Employee Learning Funds (ELF) for Life-long Learning2021-05-05T16:02:02+10:00

We recognise that continuous learning is an asset to our employees and to the company, so all employees in the company are offered the opportunity to use $8000 per year on their professional development and learning. The Employee Learning Fund (ELF) may be used for seminars, courses, degree and certificate programs.

Leader In Me2021-05-05T16:03:06+10:00

Run once a month, Leader in Me is focused on coaching, mentoring and developing people management skills. It is open to up and coming potential leaders with more than 12 months tenure with Aquent and is by invitation. Leadership reading, seminars, roundtable discussions, additional projects and group learning sessions are part of the training.


These are informal and formal group discussions around developing a deeper understanding of our core areas of specialisation (CX, UX, Service Design, Development, Digital & Content Marketing etc). These sessions are run weekly over a 4 week period with the support of external specialists or subject matter experts within the business. The training includes formal training, interactive workshops, group work and presentations.

Skills Academy2021-05-05T16:04:18+10:00

For our Skills Academy programme, we schedule 12 weekly training sessions which cover core sales and recruitment skills. We run these sessions in a rolling format so that they repeat after all topics have been covered and there is always opportunity for newer recruiters to join in.

Aquent Online Learning Resources Catalogue2021-05-05T16:06:39+10:00

All staff have access to our self-paced, online video-based learning library focused on core recruitment, sales and internal system training. You can use the online catalogue to explore and access custom content that Aquent Learning Services has created and curated. This knowledge bank provides both bite-sized and more extensive learning options in a “just in time” format. The catalogue includes topics such as: Solutions & Services, Differentiators, Products, HR & Legal, Leadership, Healthy Habits, and role-specific content.


With innovation always top of mind, we built “Gymnasium”, a free online learning platform, where our team designed training courses specifically to bridge skills gaps for digital marketing, creative and development professionals. Courses range from on-demand multi-day courses to 5-minute skill-building tutorials. Our recruiters are encouraged to complete courses that match the areas they recruit in.


We host quarterly #digitalks webinars which are compulsory for our employees to attend and help to educate on areas you recruit in. These are focused on educating attendees on specific digitally-focused content. They are free and open to anyone to attend.