Developingyour career

Developing Your Career2019-01-19T05:21:55+10:00

Our focus on your career development

We believe that the growth of our business is fuelled by the growth of our people. As such, we have retired performance reviews and have replaced them with regular ‘career conversations’. Every six months, we have strategic discussions with you about your career goals and career development.

Learning fund

Every employee has access to our unique ‘Life-long Learning Fund’ of $8000 per year after three months of employment which can go towards your attendance at industry events, workshops or specialist training. This ensures continual growth — both personal and professional.

We’ve got training for every step in your career

Executive Coaching2019-01-08T06:35:55+10:00

This is a senior leadership initiative which is focused on business growth and leadership development through external coaching and makes great use out of our Life Learning Fund.

Leadership Book Club2019-01-08T06:35:19+10:00

We run a fortnightly ‘Leadership Book Club’ open to all leaders across the business, regardless of level where we have an informal discussion, sharing what we’ve learnt from a variety of proposed books, videos or thought leadership pieces. It creates discipline around knowledge development and often leads to ideas that we can implement in our business.

School Keep programme2019-01-08T06:34:48+10:00

For all new staff, we have developed a self-paced, online video-based learning library focused on core recruitment, sales and internal system training.

Leadership Accelerate programme2019-01-08T06:34:16+10:00

This programme is focused on the development of our front-line Team Leaders and Managers in our business. We rotate round table group discussions and formal training sessions each month, have bi-monthly group coaching with an external development coach, as well as weekly reflective journal writing.

Learning Labs2019-01-08T06:33:20+10:00

These are informal group discussions around developing a deeper understanding of our core areas of specialisation (CX, UX, Service Design, Development, Digital & Content Marketing etc). These sessions are run fortnightly by more experienced Talent Agents for the lesser experienced.

Growth Academy2019-01-08T06:32:45+10:00

Our rolling 6-month Growth Academy programme is run once a month (also includes additional projects and group learning sessions) is focused on coaching, mentoring and developing people management skills. It is open to recruiters with more than 12 months tenure with Aquent and is voluntary for most, however it’s mandatory for those wishing to move into mentor/coaching roles and/or people management roles.

Skills Academy programme2019-01-08T06:32:12+10:00

For our Skills Academy programme, we schedule 12 weekly training sessions which cover core sales and recruitment skills. It is mandatory for everyone with less than 12-months tenure with the company, and others can opt in if they feel they would like a refresher. We run these sessions in a rolling format so that they repeat after all topics have been covered so that there is always opportunity for newer recruiters to join in.