We attract Talent like a magnet

Our recruitment brands are well known and widely trusted and a large percentage of top talent come to us through referrals.

We invest heavily in a content strategy that attracts talent to us. Ninety percent of our content has nothing to do with recruitment. Instead we add value to the industry sector through content that is educational, inspirational, and of value to talent and their careers. Our social media following is enormous and every year over 3,000 talent attend our events in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our strategy is to turn ourselves and our brands into a magnet that attracts passive talent. This gives us access to a much deeper talent pool who are not necessarily active job seekers today, but could be the right person for a particular role.

We don’t judge a book by its cover

We believe that no-one is perfect except on their CV, and that you can’t judge a book by its cover, which is why we look deeper. We first assess new talent by doing a talent interview to assess their human (soft) skills – self-confidence, self-awareness, critical thinking/problem solving, resilience, emotional management, perceptiveness, collaborative teamwork, effective communication, interpersonal skills, managing conflict, adaptability and negotiation. We then do a technical interview to evaluate their hard skills. An industry expert will conduct this interview, and we pay them to do it. In this way we make sure they can do what they say they can do — before our clients meet them.

We never do business with strangers

We build close, ongoing relationships with talent. We meet them. We get to know them as a human being. We ask them about their career and where they want to be. We discuss their personal brand. We know their skills, their strengths, and their weaknesses. We have talent Specialists, whose role is to build those close relationships with talent. We provide our Talent with Gymnasium which is our free online training platform to help them build their digital skills. And we invite our talent to attend our events and subscribe to the educational and valuable content on our blog.

In recruitment terms, we call this the art of the relationship. It’s based around a win-win. We’re not about pushing talent onto jobs, or making matches where it’s not going to work. We’re about doing what’s right for everyone — our talent, and our clients (the right fit for their business, culture and needs).

Helping you to grow and succeed

We believe that the growth of our business is fuelled by the growth of our people. Take a look at some of the ways we help you to grow and succeed.

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