Our purpose

We’re passionate about helping people and organisations grow and succeed. This is our purpose and what we live and breathe every day through the way we treat our colleagues and our customers — both our talent and clients.

Why we get out of bed each day and love coming to work

We are a close-knit recruitment team who love what we do — and that is helping people grow and succeed through doing work that they love. We believe that doing what you love is the future of work. And no passion in the world is equal to the passion we have for helping talent find work they love, and helping organisations find that talent.

We are in the talent business and we’re about the art of the relationship. We see talent as human beings, not boxes to be ticked. We meet them and we get to know who they are. We invite them to attend our events and subscribe to our educational and valuable content. We build strong relationships based on mutual respect and common interest.

Above all, we give a shit. We’re not about pushing people onto jobs, or making matches where it’s not really going to work. We’re about doing what’s right for everyone — both talent and our clients. After all, legacy is greater than currency. And so everything we do, we do to help people and organisations grow and succeed.

We are experts in finding the talent that companies can’t find themselves, because they don’t know they exist. They are passive talent i.e. the talent who aren’t actively looking for new roles. Passive talent exists under the radar, and it’s our business to know who they are, where they are, what they’re doing, and what their sweet spot is when it comes to their ideal role at their ideal company or agency. Finding top digital marketing, creative, development and agency talent is what we do best.

These core values are what everyone commits to when they join us

We before me

– ‘Sweep the floor’

– Walk in their shoes

– Share proactively

Keep growing

Be better today than yesterday

Welcome ideas and feedback

‘Eat the frog’

Own it

Put your hand up

Do what you say you will do

Think solutions, not problems

Make it matter

Show up

Add value

Be memorable

But what do our values really mean?

Our values are the behaviours that we as a team, collectively agreed to bring to life every day. They help create a work culture that we all love being part of and a place to call “home”.

1. We Before Me

Sweep the floor: Show humility and pitch in — you are never too big to do the small things that must be done.
Walk in their shoes: Show empathy for customers and colleagues. Remember that everything you say and do (or don’t do) impacts how other people feel.
Share proactively: Be generous with information, ideas and your time, and seek out opportunities for others.

2. Keep Growing

Be better today than yesterday: Recognise you are not perfect. What can you learn from yesterday to improve today and tomorrow?
Welcome ideas and feedback: Be positive about the new, give it your best and be open to feedback on how you can be even better.
‘Eat the frog’: Challenge yourself everyday. Embrace your fears. Face what makes you uncomfortable first.

3. Own It

Put your hand up: Volunteer. Offer support. Ask for help. Own up to your mistakes. Have the tough conversations.
Do what you say you will do: Set yourself clear goals and expectations and hold yourself accountable to deliver.
Think solutions, not problems: Approach challenges by offering ideas and solutions.

4. Make it Matter

Show up: Be there with purpose and have authentic, positive intentions. Always.
Add Value: Add value for customers and colleagues wherever, whenever and however you can.
Be memorable: People remember how you make them feel. Consider every interaction. Value your personal brand.