Yes, we are hiring recruiters!*

*he says, repeating the words of every other recruitment business in Australia

However, rather than just write a job ad about why I think people should work with us at Aquent Australia, and, like the majority of the 3,000 (that’s not a typo!) recruiter job ads on Seek today, focus solely on the ‘benefits’ such as flexible working, training, career opportunities, earning potential and great culture that we have — all of which are a given in order to retain, let alone attract, great recruiters into a business, I thought I’d take a step back.

I’d like to pull back the covers on our areas of expertisehow we work with our clients, how that has evolved (and keeps evolving), and what opportunities this has opened up for people who work with us at Aquent.

Like many other areas of business, the last 10 years has seen the Digital Marketing, Creative, Web Development space — which is Aquent’s area of specialisation — change beyond recognition.

And in fact, when we look at the last 18 months, the acceleration of change in the Digital Marketing, Creative, and Web Development space has been nothing short of revolutionary.

Digital is now front and centre in almost every way that every business communicates — and that’s because their customers demand it. So the need for businesses to make all their customer touchpoints as seamless and efficient as their customers demand is paramount — and the pressure on businesses to continually evolve and deliver this on time, and on budget, is huge.

So unsurprisingly, due to all of this investment in tech and digital transformation, the demand for Digital Talent such as Marketers, eCommerce professionals, Digital Analysts, Digital Designers, Copywriters, Web Developers, Human-centred Designers, and Strategists has now smashed through the roof, hit the stratosphere and is somewhere on its way to Jupiter.

No doubt, all of this investment and demand for Digital Talent is great for Aquent, and I wouldn’t want to specialise in any other area, as the opportunities to help our clients have never been greater.

But does this mean the role of a Talent Agent (Recruiter) or Account Director at Aquent is easy? Or easier? Do we just sit back, open the window and let the job orders fly in, then put up a job ad and get flooded with applicants and flick over some CVs? Erm…no!

This high demand means that Digital Talent are spoilt for choice of what opportunity they should take next and unless a business is one of the cool tech houses, it’s highly unlikely that Digital Talent will immediately think of them as an employer of choice.

So our Talent Agents work harder than ever to:

a) help and advise our clients on how we can partner with them to create opportunities and engagement models that meet the needs of the business and match the desires of the very best Digital Talent, and

b) build communities of engaged Digital Talent* — We meet them. We get to know them. We ask them about their career and where they want to be. We discuss their personal brand. We know their skills and their strengths. That way we can match them with their ideal opportunity.

*10,000 LinkedIn connections does not automatically equal a community of engaged professionals!

Opportunities at Aquent

We’re looking for Talent Agents to join our Digital Marketing & Analytics and our Digital Design & Development Practices. These practices consist of national teams of Talent Agents, who work directly with our clients to uncover their needs, understand their requirements and partner with them to source and hire the best Talent to suit those needs.

Our Digital Marketing & Analytics Practice is headed by Zena Nicolson and our Digital Design & Development Practice is headed by Lee Shorter — both exceptional leaders with deep industry knowledge.

To help drive success, our Talent Agents have at their disposal a wealth of resources you would expect from the world’s largest Digital Marketing, Creative and Development recruitment business (and a whole lot more!). Our services lines cover RecruitmentManaged Talent ServicesWorkforce Solutions and Training, so we have a multitude of ways to create the perfect engagement model for our clients.

And through our Talent Insights ReportsCompare My Salary tool, Salary GuideGymnasium learning platform, and our own Events & Activations, we have a wealth of insights and tools to use and share to build engaged communities of the Digital Talent that our clients need.

So if you want a career in a business that has recruitment at its heart (and offers so much more!) and in an incredibly exciting industry sector, then please reach to myself or our HR Director, Jen Gottlieb, for an informal and confidential discussion.

You may be an experienced Digital Recruiter who is interested in hearing more about the opportunities of working at Aquent (just like Rosie was), you may be an experienced recruiter with a background in a completely different area of expertise (just like Amaraj was), or you might have a background in Digital Marketing or Creative and would like to know more about a career in recruitment (just like Ryan was). Many people from many backgrounds have built, or are building fabulous careers at Aquent. Come and join them!

Oh…yes, we all work remotely with WeWork licences for collaboration sessions; every member of our team has an $8000/year allowance to spend on their own professional development; all of our Australian senior leadership team have been internally promoted to their roles; we reward great performance with exceptional bonus plans; and whether it’s our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives, our Community Days, our support of Beyond Blue, our commitment to be carbon negative in 2022, our values that we all live and breathe every day or our Holiday Houses in Hawaii and Florida, we tick the flexible working, training, career opportunities, earning potential, and great culture boxes too!

So, what’s the next step?

DM me via LinkedIn, call me on 03 9244 9999 or email

You can also get in touch with Jen Gottlieb via LinkedIn, on 02 8288 8288 or email

And feel free to take a look through our Aquent Careers website too.